Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 4 With Our Featured Author Brita Addams

Today we have a special treat for our readers. An article written by Brita for your enjoyment. Ever wonder why a writer may do what they do? Well Brita let's you in on that tasty tidbit.

Why I Write Erotic Regency Romance

Brita Addams

I am writing this strictly as an author who prayed fervently for publisher recognition and finally found it. As a person who doesn't 'jump the gun' as my mother used to say, I did my homework before deciding to write something I hoped one day would find its way into a reader's hands, hand that didn't belong to someone I was related to.

Much like the experience our parents were always talking about us getting, in order to write anything, it had to be something I knew something about. I love romance and I also love history, particularly American and British. Reading Regency romance was almost a given, a perfect fit. The Regency was a time of social strictures and mores the like of which we, in our times, have never seen. As an author, I enjoy putting my characters into situations that are contrary to social expectations. When I can take an aristocrat and reduce him to mush with one look or touch from a feisty, independent lady or another gentlemen
I am a happy camper.

To write a romance novel, one must know the genre and the subgenres they chose. For me, research is a natural thing, as I love to learn new things. Research helps to bring the time period to life, placing the reader, for instance, in a carriage in Hyde Park at the height of the fashionable hour or in a ballroom, lit by beeswax candles and populated by some on the ton whose habits of hygiene leave much to be desired. I've read hundreds of Regencies, still do, and the quality of the story always depends upon the author's degree of research, her knowledge of human nature and her ability to connect with her characters.

In addition, it is a given that romance and sex sells or so my research tells me. Therefore, I took my writing one step further and created an erotic setting, where my characters can act upon their baser instincts. In the case of Lucien and Serenity Damrill, in my book, Serenity's Dream, Lucien owns the Sapphire Club, a sex club he has molded into a place where those of noble blood and those who are possessed of a more perverse nature, can retreat.

My vision of publication was realized when the acquisitions editor for Noble Romance Publishing
( wrote to say she loved (yes, loved!) Serenity's Dream. The next day, Jill Noble wrote, offering me the contract. And so my career as a published author began. Since then, the second and third books in the Sapphire Club series, Lord Decadent's Obsession and Chocolate, Tea and the Duchess have been released.

These books, erotic Regencies romances all, were written under my pen name, Brita Addams, a rather clever combination of my real middle name and my husband's, with some modification. Another Regency, sensual in nature, is scheduled for release at Noble on September 27th, and was written under my real name, Tina Ordone. I use a pen name to separate the erotic from the sensual, so my readers will know that when they pick up a Brita book, it is hot and steamy and a Tina book is just a tad less so.

The books I write combine love and the conflicts inherent in that wonderful emotion. I love a broken hero and a heroine who owns the tool kit to fix them. The books are sexually graphic and depict people at their best and worst. They show life as it is behind closed doors, where the language of desire and lust is spoken in plain terms.
Readers aren't to be underestimated, again a fact found in research. They like sophisticated, savvy novels and won't be told what type of sexual content they should read. They can certainly choose their own reading and do so every day, by selecting books that allow them to get away and enter another world, while satisfying their craving for either adventure, romance or some other form of entertaining escape.

I invite you all to enter the world of the Sapphire Club. The stories found there are no-holds-barred erotic. Content includes BDSM, m/m (Duchess), spanking, anal sex, oral sex, voyeurism, and strong language.

Visit my website for more information on the Sapphire Club and some of my inspirations for the characters and settings. I'd love to hear what you think.

Brita Addams

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