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Review Of The Reunion Game By Jan Scarbrough

The Reunion Game By Jan Scarbrough

  • Pub. Date: February 2011

  • Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press

  • Sold By: Barnes & Noble

  • Format: NOOKbook (eBook)

  • Sales Rank: 190,438


Thirty-three-year-old Jane Smith's biological clock is ticking. But pickings are slim in Legend, Tennessee, until the fifteen year high school reunion gives Jane a second chance. Graham Winchester will be back in town.

In high school, Jane's shyness has stopped her from taking action. Now she's older, wiser and no longer afraid. Graham has moved to the big city and won't stick around after the reunion. He's a confirmed bachelor and happily-ever-after is not in his makeup. Yet, Jane must exorcise the demon Graham has become so she can get on with her life.

Switching places with her glamorous twin sister is just what she needs to get Mr. Most Likely to Succeed into bed and out of her heart.

Jan Scarbrough writes one hell of a book. When I read this book I had no idea it was part of a series. With that being said, I can honestly say that didn't seem to matter because I was never lost wondering who so and so was talking about. In short I am telling you, you could read this book as a stand alone and not miss a think in the story. Jane and Graham are such great characters each with their own set of faults/flaws that make this a very enjoyable read. This story also had an unexpected kink in the scenario that I was pleasantly surprised by. Jane having a twin sister to switch places really ups the dynamic in this story. Who wouldn't want to have a twin sister to switch places with from time to time. Patty Duke did it in the Patty Duke Show, Hayley Mills did it in the Parent Trap, and Lindsay Lohan did it in the Parent Trap remake. Granted all of them were one person playing a dual role but you could never tell. That is what makes having a twin so appealing. BUT there is always a downside to everything in life and in reading this story you will find out Jane's and her reasons behind playing her little "game". I am so afraid to say something that will spoil this book for somebody who hasn't read it. This book has it all drama, angst, high school crush, best friends, a high school reunion, old friends, old lives/past behaviors, and an awaking to new possibilities. On a scale from 1-10 I give this book a 10 and encourage everyone 18+ who has had a crush on someone, never felt good enough, felt like they didn't know what their future held, or who just LOVES a really good story to pick up this book and get to know Graham and Jane. Now I am off to find the first three books in this series....^_^.


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Review Of On The Fence By Keri Ford

On The Fence By Keri Ford
  • Pub. Date: February 2011
  • Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
  • Sold By: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: NOOKbook (eBook)
  • Sales Rank: 69,036


Welcome to Apple Trail, Arkansas!

If Shellie Chambers has to hear one more condescending comment from her mother about life or men, she might scream. So, she packs up and takes a trip to see her long-missed high school friend, Riley. He'll know exactly what she needs to loosen up. But instead of the girl-chasing jock she remembers from their youth, Riley’s gone country, keeping up a farm of his own.

Riley Hamilton has settled down on a farm his uncle left to him. Not the life he ever envisioned, but after getting a girl pregnant in college and then watching helplessly as the baby was aborted, he learned the hard way it was time to settle down. Shellie’s reentry into his life reminds of his wild past and it’s a fight to ignore the tempting woman she has become.

I loved this story. This is another story I read blind, meaning I didn't read the blurb first. I am so glad I didn't because when I found out about the reasons behind his transformation from skirt chaser to farmer I was like OMG. Riley is the kind of best friend ever girl should have. He gets you to live slightly on the edge without pushing you over it and causing you to loss yourself. Shellie is that girl some of you may know as, the one who has the rich mother that nothing her daughter does is ever good enough so therefore she has to micro-manage every aspect of her life. Riley, in Shellie's mother's eyes, would be considered from the other side of the tracks because his family was poor and they always had to work for everything they ever got. That is exactly what makes Riley and Shellie such great friends throughout their lives that is until Riley moves away and Shellie is left alone to deal with her mother with no relief in sight. Well, that is until Shellie decides to get away from it all and visit her old Friend Riley, whom she hasn't seen in six years, but has kept in touch with via e-mails. That is were they both discover things about the other person that they never noticed before. Even though this wasn't a very long book, which most of my friends know drives me nuts, this book didn't feel rushed at all. Which is what actually drives me nuts about most short stories. I got to know each character and also got great insight into their past and present. I didn't realize when I read this book that it was part of a series, but that fact didn't come into play because I never felt lost like most people would jumping into a series book. You could read this book as a stand alone which was awesome but now I do want to go back and read book one to get to know the first two characters in the series. On a scale from 1-10 I give this book a 10 and encourage everyone 18+ plus to read this story and not feel connect to these two people. I know I did because my best friend is the greatest guy I know (next to my hubby that and he is someone that Riley reminds me of, which I love.


Review: The Panther's Lair by Esmerelda Bishop

Kindle Edition
Published May 26th 2010 by Carina Press

Men are only good for one thing. Sydney Chase may have sworn off relationships-but she still has needs. So she heads to the Panther's Lair in search of sex: no strings, no emotions. The club owner, dark, mysterious Raimond Decoudreau, is exactly what she's looking for-his French accent alone makes her hot. Fortunately, his mouth has other sinful talents, as well... After just one night with Sydney, Raimond knows she's his. And when the time is right, when she loves him in return, he'll reveal his deepest secret. For now, he'll enjoy pleasuring her in the most intimate of ways. But when Sydney's life is threatened, Raimond's instincts take control, and she gets a glimpse at the beast within...

You know, I've read erotica novels before, but this book is so sexually charged, it's ridiculous! (In a good way, lol)

You know, there are so many ways that erotica can go wrong. I've read some horrible books that just fall flat, and some so-so ones that didn't really keep you interested. But this book: it might be a short read, but the scenes are written SO well. There are actually times that you might want to go back and re-read scenes, cause you're thinking to yourself "wait, did that just happen? did he just do that!"

This will be a short review for a short novel. But I would highly recommend it. It's hot, hot, hot!!

5 out of 5 stars

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Winner of "A Creed In Stone Creek" By Linda Lael Miller

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Review: Fated By Rebecca Zanetti

Ages 18+Paperback, 336 pages
Published March 1st 2011 by Kensington
ISBN 0758259239
ISBN13: 9780758259233 
Cara Paulsen does not give up easily. A scientist and a single mother, she's used to fighting for what she wants, keeping a cool head, and doing whatever it takes to protect her daughter Janie. But "whatever it takes" has never before included a shotgun wedding to a dangerous-looking stranger with an attitude problem. .  
Or Else. Sure, the mysterious Talen says that he's there to protect Cara and Janie. He also says that he's a three-hundred-year-old vampire. Of course, the way he touches her, Cara might actually believe he's had that long to practice...

My Thoughts:

This book had just about the right amount of action, sex and anticipation. I kept thinking to myself "OMG What's next?" I wanted to finish the book but at the same time I didn't want it to finish. I know, I know I'm kinda weird. But I know a few other readers can relate when they read this book. If only I can be Cara for one night, I'll do it in a heartbeat. Just so I can feel that body that Rebecca described so vividly. Yumm-O!!

So in "Fated" you have Talen, a vampire so sexy that can melt the panties off you. And basically that's what he does to Cara just by a single touch. But I'm getting ahead of myself here. So you have Talen a Three Hundred year old vampire who abruptly entered Cara's life and determined to make her his wife. He promised to protect her and her four year old daughter Janie. But Cara isn't one to take orders from anyone. Not even a sexy and strong vampire like Talen. So basically he's in for a rough road with her. He plans to convince her that they belong together, Married. And it's going to happen AND she's going to accept it one way or the other.

Cara is a smart single mom who has been through enough in her life to know that she doesn't want no man trying to tell her what to do. Even one as sexy and hot like Talen. She's been independent long enough and is not willing to give up her freedom. But little does she know that there's danger lurking around her and her daughter. Talen happens to be the one that knows how to protect her and Janie. In fact, even little Janie knows they belong together.

Though there's danger at every other corner, Cara never felt more safe. Running around with Talen, his brothers and their comrades, she finally felt like she was part of a family. A family that would do anything to keep her and Janie safe. No matter what it costs them.

I really really loved this book. I loved the way Talen expressed his desire for Cara. Absolutely loved the way he pulled her hair back and just.....And he sincerely loved Janie. She was his daughter and Janie knew it. They were a family and he waited long enough for them. All Cara has to do now is accept it.

Definitely a 5 out of 5 stars and a Definite Sinfully Tasty Read!! A Must Buy! Must Read! 

Review Of When Colors Bleed By Estevan Vega

Cover Image
When Colors Bleed By Estevan Vega
  • Pub. Date: March 2011
  • Publisher: Estevan Vega
  • Sold By: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: NOOKbook (ebook)
  • Sales Rank: 405,307
  • File Size: 859 KB
  • EAN: 2940012182708
  • Available: only in the U.S.
  • Source: Barnes And Noble (link to purchase HERE)
  • Purchase: Amazon.Com (link to purchase HERE)
  • Age: 18+*

*Added the age restriction myself because I feel the themes of these stories may not be geared towards a younger audience.


is a collection of short stories by the author of ARSON. This unique collection features three different stories with universal themes of love, loss, and regret. Watch the colors bleed.

BABY BLUE: Casey never had any luck with men, even though she was employed by one of the finest clothing stores in New England and saw attractive, “sure kinds” strolling through her section every day like clockwork. At twenty-three years old, she has given up on her dreams of the spotlight, of finding love, and of ever getting out of the small town she reluctantly calls home. But one rainy afternoon, Thomas Rayford, a very unusual and kind stranger, stumbles into her life looking for an odd, baby blue suit. One thing is certain: Casey, the twenty-three-year-old dreamer stuck in a line, will never be the same.

VANILLA RED: From his cold hell in Block C, a nameless man unfolds this twisted tale. This is the story of a man who becomes something else. A man who had a father once. A man who loved once. “They want to know why. They want a reason,” he confesses. “But nobody likes the reasons. They’re like unwanted children or cancers with no cure. A reason is a justification, an excuse so we can’t be blamed. But I know what it is I’ve done, and there is no reason that can take it back.” So begins Vanilla Red, a confession, a story, a prayer, or perhaps a drip of dark truth in the batter of humanity. Take a look inside and tell me what color you see.

THE MAN IN THE COLORED ROOM: Colin awakens in a room, jittery, afraid, and confused. He knows not how he got here, who brought him, or why. And the only thing waiting for him is a hot cup of coffee and a seemingly flawless room that bleeds colors. As an architect, he understands that no room is perfect, but somehow this anomaly has crawled through the cracks and pushed the limits of perfection. No seams. No lines. No windows. Enter a bald man in a suit. Once he steps through the door, he makes the colors disappear with the push of button. His name is Jack, and he claims to be a friend. Still unsure of anything, Colin wages war with his mind, with a dark truth he isn’t ready to accept, and with Jack. In the moments that follow, Jack asks Colin a series of questions, questions that will reveal the where, the how, and the why of his arrival.

I applaud Estevan for writing three amazing short stories. My favorite was Baby Blue because it made me cry and it just made me take stock of my life. All three stories, in my opinion, reminded me of possible episodes of The Twilight Zone. Vanilla Red is a great retrospect into the mind of a disillusioned soul. The Man In The Colored Room ends up being a curious surprise with a twist for an ending. I read this book without reading the blurb because I wanted to read these stories blind, so to speak. I had no clue about love, loss, and regret being a universal theme within the three stories, so I enjoyed coming to that conclusion on my own. I would loved to see these stories played out on t.v. because if they had such a profound effect on me just from reading it, I can only imagine how much more of an impact it would have upon seeing it with my own eyes. Estevan has another hit on his hands, first with Arson and now with When Colors Bleed. To be so young and yet so uniquely talented in his writing is such a great ability and a credit to his craft. On a scale from 1-10 I give this book a 20 because it is such a refreshingly different experience for me that I feel I have gained such a great appreciation for short stories. The macabre like feel of the stories didn't hurt either. I think everyone 18+ (only because of the themes in the stories) should pick up a copy of When Colors Bleed and discover the greatness that is Estevan Vega for themselves.


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Review/Giveaway: A Creed In Stone Creek By Linda Lael Miller

A Creed in Stone Creek 
When single attorney Steven Creed becomes guardian of an orphaned five-year-old boy, he trades his big-city law firm for a ranch near his McKettrick kin in the close-knit community of Stone Creek, Arizona. Taking care of little Matt and fixing up his run-down ranch house with its old barn loosens something tightly wound inside him. But when Steven takes on the pro bono defense of a local teen, he meets his match in the opposing counsel—beautiful, by-the-book county prosecutor Melissa O'Ballivan. It'll take one grieving little boy, a sweet adopted dog and a woman who never expected to win any man's heart to make this Creed in Stone Creek know he's truly found home.

My Thoughts:

     First I'd like to thank Harlequin for reaching out to "Good Choice Reading" and offering us "A Creed In Stone Creek" for review. It's an honor.

     I have to start off by saying that this was a cute western romance book.  I love contemp romance but this book was a bit fast paced with its characters and slow paced with the story.

     Here's what I liked:

          1. It's a complete delight to see a single man drop his life to adopt his best friend's child and raise
              him as his own.
          2. I like that Melissa is a woman that has a career and can manage on her own.
          3. I love how Steven approached any situation when it came to Matt and his family. He respected
              Matt enough to let him make some decisions

     Here's what I didn't like:

          1. I didn't like how the main characters story was hot and cold.
          2. Now I love Matt's character. But he seems to be a bit too smart for his age, even if he's a gift child.
          3. I didn't like how the story was prolonged with other subplots.

     Overall it was a sweet story. How could you not like a man who takes resposibility for his deceased best friend's son without a thought. That was admiring. A man who dropped his life to raise his "new" adopted son. And then there's Melissa, a woman with character and a great career whose well educated and established. And I love how both Steven and Melissa have a great family bond. Seeing how their family supported them throughout the book was heart-warming. Despite the little issues I had with the story, Linda still managed to keep my attention.

     I give this book a 3.5 stars. This is a good book for you if you're into western romance.

A little more information about Author Linda Lael Miller

Bestselling Author Linda Lael Miller Feeds America’s Craving for Life in the Ol’ West

Back when swinging saloon doors, young men in cowboy hats and haphazard pistol fights were the norm, the town marshal could end it all with one flash of his star-shaped badge. Today’s blockbuster hit “True Grit” back to the legendary “Bonanza” television series have attracted Americans to the fantasy of the Old West – where an honorable cowboy handy with a six-gun could enjoy a home on the range, a loyal gelding and the prettiest lady in town.

Linda Lael Miller, bestselling author of more than 100 novels, grew up as the daughter of the town marshal in Northport, Washington. She observed the dynamics of small-town life, noting both the common feuds and the way the people rallied around a neighbor who was sick, hurt or in trouble. Inspired by her father’s no-frills, stern persona and Western upbringing, Linda returned to her home state of Washington to live on a ranch and write novels. Her latest, A CREED IN STONE CREEK (HQN Books; March 2011; $7.99), is the first in her “Creed Cowboys” trilogy, and follows Steven Creed from his big-city law firm to a run-down ranch in a small Arizona town.

Miller tries hard to live by her late father’s strong country morals. She remembers her father as “a regular John Wayne,” and his motto, Always Do the Right Thing, was the basis for Miller’s family life. The close-knit, church-going community she grew up in inspired her Old West values – good family, friends and neighbors – and her books convey the same strong sense of community. But she is always sure to include a few hot cowboys and some authentic Western drama!

Living happily on her serene Spokane, Washington homestead, Miller tends to her six horses – the perfect sidekicks for any bona fide cowgirl. Her connection to these gorgeous animals is as strong as any human friendship, and she says the horses give her more than she could ever give back to them. She is a devoted animal advocate who supports Habitat for Horses, one of the largest horse protection organizations in the nation. As she witnesses the individuality and emotions of her own horses, Miller is sure to include at least one engaging four-legged character in every book, and finds that fans enjoy the animals as well as the sexy Western men.

As the legacy of her father, Miller hopes her words help to preserve the integrity of Western culture and offer readers a feel-good look into the Golden West she was raised in. Since her first novel was released in 1983, she’s come to be known as the “First Lady of the West” and was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by the Romance Writers of America in 2007.

Check out for a bit more information on her series.  
There you can find the book trailer, a behind-the-scenes video of the cover photo shoot, webisodes and a sexy photo gallery.

You can also find Linda on:


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