Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and your family from the ladies at Sinfully Tasty Reads! 

Have a blessed one!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Author Interview and giveaway w/ Marissa Dobson!

Hey everyone!

We got the chance to interview author Marissa Dobson this week and we're really excited to share it with you. She is also a blogger just like us and loves to read and review books! She is really sweet and we're really excited to help spread the word about her latest story in Believe! Believe is a mix of short Christmas stories.

For more information on it click the link below:

You can also find more information about Marissa here:

Please read to the very end where Marissa will be giving away a copy of Believe to one lucky winner!

Growing up, have you always dreamed of becoming a published author?
Yes I have always wanted to be an author. I used to write stories in my notebooks, all the time. I always had a new story idea.
Now being a published author, what have you learned from the process?
I have learned a lot through the process, but one thing that stands out from everything else is that if you want to be published you must believe in yourself and your work. This is not an easy career, and you will be pushed down and disappointed at times but you must pull yourself together and brush the dust off to try again. Never give up!
With all your accomplishments, what would you say to your teen self about life and goals?
I would tell my teen self to shoot for the stars. You never know what you can do and how good you can be until you try.
Can you tell us what you plan to work on next?
I just finished up another short romance story. But I am also polishing off a paranormal story, and hoping to have it ready to submit to my publisher around the first of the year. I plan to dive into a new project here in the next few days also. So you could say there are a few pots on the stove at the moment.
Describe the perfect man?
My perfect man, boy now that is some what hard. My perfect man when writing is whatever main male character I am working with. I always mold them into the perfect man for the story. But for me the perfect man is my husband. He is sweet, romantic, supportive, and everything I wanted in a man. But don’t tell him that, he might get a big head.
Finally, if you could rewrite a book and turn into your story, what book would that be and why?
I honestly don’t know if I would want to rewrite a book for two reasons. I see so many authors rewriting classics stories, such as Little Women, Red Riding Hood, and so on and I don’t think they are as good as the classics. I think they took way something that shouldn’t have been done. When an author writes their book, they put their heart and soul into it, and it to me is precious and should not be changed. Second reason is to me that reminds me too much of fanfic. If you want to be a writer you should create your own charcters and your own world, not take work that someone else created to make your own. To me it seems like a rip off.

Lot's of Thanks to Marissa!
Marissa was also kind enough to offer one lucky person an Ebook copy of Believe!

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Giveaway Ends December 20th!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Review: Love Bites By Margie Church

An accidental encounter turns into high stakes love when Jui Fabrice meets Wade Kairos in Germany. She has no idea he's a vampire and Wade has every intention of keeping his secreet.

A vineyard cottage is the perfect place for jui and Wade to make love until he discovers her unigue link to his living years. He vows to stay away from her forever, but he can't let her go completely. Wade's repressed human feelings continue rising. He invades Jui's dreams and communicates telepathically with her at will. Evil jealousy consumes him when jui becomes involved with Rob Hawthorne and she rebukes Wade for his controlling behaviors.

Then Wade's lifelong companion dies in a vamp war and his desolation is too much to handle alone. He turns to the only person who cares about him-Jui-and for one hot night, he becomes the man she's wanted all along.

The Ancient One, Ladislav Husek, learns of Wade's risky human behavior and gives Wade a taste of how viciously he'll die if he doesn't bury his tracks with Jui. Husek promises to turn Jui into his personal playmate and Wade has to choose. Can love prevail over evil in a relationship that never was supposed to happen?

My Thoughts:

First off, let me start this review by saying that I absolutely LOVED this book and enjoyed reading every single word. To say that I couldn't put it down would be an understatement. I love how Margie Church wrote her characters. because of her illustrative description of each character and personalities, you get to understand them and relate to them. At least in terms of how they feel for one another. Her writing is remarkable. She lures you in immediately with Wade's character and his sexy hot looks. And you can't help but take a liking to Jui also. She's a very independent women who knows what she wants, gets what she wants and totally speaks her mind as needed. It actually sounds like Margie was writing about "me". LOL. Just Kidding.

So there you are minding your own business and you come across this sexy, hot looking thing and you can't help but just want to get to know what he's about. But as soon as you get close to him and you know he wants you, he pushes you away! What gives? Well that's what happen with Jui and Wade. He invaded the thoughts in her head and she just couldn't shake him off, no matter how much she tried moving on. He was there in her thoughts and she couldn't get enough of him. He kept his distance, knowing that he's a vampire and that he couldn't build a relationship with her. But seeing Jui moving on, though he told her too, made him for the first time as a vampire, jealous. However knowing how his action can be dangerously serious, he somehow has to find a way to let her go. But what is love, especially when it's forbidden love?

If you're looking for a sexy, hot vampire read, then you need to read "Love Bites" By Margie Church. Once you pick this book up, you're going to love it and won't put it down until you finish it. BTW this book is the first in series. So I can't wait to pick up "Dangerous Love". "Love Bites" is a Definite MUST read and Definite "Sinfully Tasty Read" =)

Here's Margie's pages:


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