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Review: Anything He Wants By Sara Fawkes

Anything He Wants
By Sara Fawkes
ebook, 288 pages
Expected publication: November 27th 2012
by St. Martin's Griffin

First published as a five-part e serial novel, Anything He Wants inflamed imaginations everywhere and became a national bestseller. Now available for the first time ever as a complete book, this edition contains never-before-released scenes and special bonus material. Don’t miss this erotic tale of a powerful billionaire who always gets what he wants and the young woman who’s about to enter his exclusive realm--a world of glittering opulence and all-consuming passion, where she’ll explore the darkest reaches of her own desire.

Lucy Delacourt's temp position isn't quite her dream job but it pays the bills. The highlight of her day is riding the elevator in the mornings with a handsome stranger. Tall, dark, and sexy as hell, Lucy knows he's way out of her league, but a girl can look, right?

Everything changes the day the stranger seduces her. Completely out of character, she yields without a fight, but she has no idea her wanton acts with a man whose name she doesn't know will change her life forever. Because the sexy stranger is none other than Jeremiah Hamilton, billionaire CEO of Hamilton Industries, and one taste isn't nearly enough to satisfy his need. As the billionaire pulls Lucy deeper into his world of high stakes business deals and ruthless takeovers, he demands nothing less than her complete surrender. But even as enemies seek deadly revenge against him, she’ll discover that her greatest threat is falling for her fiercely guarded boss…and yielding to her own darkest needs.

Now I have mixed feelings about this book. The beginning just had me ready to scream, but shortly after, I could not put it down!. I guess I have to sit back and remember this was written originally as a 5 part novel so it jumped ahead and moved fast. I think what bothers me about the story is how quickly some scenes moved, yet I really did like the story overall.

Lucy is a bold woman who everyday goes to work in a dead end boring job that she knows is never going to get her anywhere. Her one light at work is the handsome man she sees every morning in the elevator. She plans her morning to be sure they ride together. Suddenly one day they end up alone, this strange man makes his move and Lucy submits instantly, now that I found so hot! Who is he and why does he command her body like he does with just a look and a kiss.  Lucy spends the rest of the day thinking of this man, but what bothers me the most is what she allows to happen after work that I found a little hard to accept, I mean who does that?????

The next day Lucy's boss escorts her up to the CEO's office to find it is the stranger from the elevator and the encounter in the parking garage. Finding out she is about to lose her job, since the temp position she holds is not longer needed, Lucy takes on the role or Jeremiah's personal assistant and swears she will do anything he wants to keep the job.being of financial need and no place to go she can't refuse.

I loved getting to know Jeremiah, his back story just makes him even more hotter and before long I was hooked on the book. I loved how protective he was of Lucy and how willing he was to keep her safe when someone tries to kill her. I also loved Lucy and how funny and snarky she could be. Unlike anything Jeremiah has ever encountered. He is a man who always gets his way and Lucy is so unlike past woman in his life.

I hope there is more to this series, as I found the end to be great, but you are left with the question of what next? I really hope I get to find out.

4 out of 5 stars

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cover/Blurb Reveal & Giveaway: SOMETHING DARKER by S.A. Price!

Expected publication: December 18th 2012

SOMETHING DARKER (book one of the Inferii Dii)

The one thing Syrus Alcot, the God of Death Osiris in the Egyptian Pantheon, wants in all the worlds is the woman he loved and lost returned to him. When he gave up his powers, and freedom for a life of service he was promised her return. That was over one thousand years ago. A member of a team of dark gods charged with keeping humanity safe, he leads a loveless existence in New York City, searching for the one thing that could bring his wife back to him, a lapis scarab that was lost to him ages before.

Gwen Stapleton, a mild mannered librarian, is unaware that she holds the key to not only Syrus’ happiness, but her own. Seemingly stuck in a hopeless relationship with a man she doesn’t love, she has no idea that a chance meeting in Alphabet City will start a landslide to her heart’s content. Because Gwen is the keeper of the scarab, and is everything Syrus has ever wanted… and hes not the only one.

An Ancient evil is waking, and its servants will stop at nothing to see it seize its rightful place as the new pantheon of earth. And in order for Syrus and his team to save the world, Gwen is going to have to accept him, and show that love does make all the difference.

To learn more about authors Stella and Audra Price, visit their Website:


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Review:Blindfolded Innocence By Alessandra Torre

Blindfolded Innocence
By Alessandra Torre
Kindle Edition, 307 pages
Published July 19th 2012

Brad De Luca is incorrigible. The premier divorce attorney in town, he is a forty-year old walking hunk of sex, bedding half the town, including his own clients. Brad is used to getting whatever, and whomever, he wants, and when the newest intern arrives - Julia Campbell, a pre-law student fresh off a failed engagement - he embraces the challenge. Only, happy in her new independence, the last thing Julia wants, or needs, is an older man who could destroy her job prospects, and possibly her innocence.

Julia is confident in her sexuality, and her effect on men. But she is far out of her league. Before she knows it, Brad is stretching her boundaries and opening up a forbidden world of sensual and sexual exploration.

Warning: This book contains explicit sex scenes, including a MFM menage.

OMG what a book. The cover threw me off and I was unsure if this was a book I was going to like. Don't let the cover fool you this book was AMAZING!!!! I loved every second of it. I found once I started reading I could not put it down and I understand why it is a top pick for erotica on Amazon. Not to mention it was so not what I expected, it was so much better!

Julia is a young woman trying to make her place in the world and just started a great internship at a huge law firm. Working insane hours she is proud of what she is doing and of her independence, but can help wonder what life is like in the wing next to her. Brad De Luca's interns go home early have parties all the time and seem to be having a ton of fun. yet her boss warns Julia to stay away from them and mostly Brad.

A chance meeting with Mr De Luca sends Julia into a tailspin and she is knows she will never be the same! Brad is a walking sex god and can have any woman he wants anytime anywhere and anyway he wants it. Julia is so different from the women he has met before and begins to pursue her at any cost.

The connection between Brad and Julia sucks you in immediately! An intoxicating wild ride you can't let go of! Brad pushes Julia to explore and learn about herself, and she does while trying to hold on to him and reveal his dark secrets. Brad is more than just a lawyer and Julia sees this when they go away together one weekend. Yet in the back of her mind he keeps asking herself why does her boss hate Brad so much even though they are partners in the firm? Why is he afraid of commitment?  Once Julia learns who Brad really is can she accept him? Can she fit into his world?

This book is just as addicting as Brad is, I want so much more and even after I finished the book I could not pick up another for a few days, I was just still thinking of Brad and Julia and where is it all going to go from here? I can't wait for the next book to dive into Julia and Brad's world. The next one can not come out fast enough for me!!!

5 out of 5 stars!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Review: Seven Years to Sin By Sylvia Day

Seven Years to Sin
By Sylvia Day
Paperback, 352 pages
Published August 30th 2011
by Kensington Brava

 The longer the resistance...
Seven years ago, on the eve of her wedding, proper Lady Jessica Sheffield witnessed a licentious scene no innocent young miss could imagine. Shocked, yet strangely titillated, she'd held her silence regarding scandalous Alistair Caulfield, and walked down the aisle as expected. But through years of serene, unremarkable marriage, Caulfield's image remained burned into her imagination, fueling very illicit dreams. .
...the sweeter the reward
Alistair ran far from the temptation of the prim debutante with the fire of passion in her eyes—all the way to the West Indies. As a successful merchant, he has little in common with the rakehell youth she knew. But when newly widowed Jessica steps aboard his ship for a transatlantic passage, seven years' worth of denied pleasures are held in check by nothing more than a few layers of silk—and the certainty that surrender will consume them both. . .

After reading Sylvia Day's Bared To You I had to read more from her. This book was said to be the inspiration for Gideon so how could I not go for it! Now I am not a fan of historicals. I hate stupid whiney women who have no back bone. Who always do what they are told is proper rather than what their hearts or bodies want. Ms Day solved that problem for me by creating Jessica. She is a very strong minded woman who knows what she wants in life and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Right from the beginning of the book you are hooked into the attractive Alistair Caulfield. When Jessica stumbles upon him making love to another women outside she cant help but watch the exchange between them. Knowing in the morning she is to marry her betrothed, she should walk away but cant help but find the sex and the man captivating to watch. She was told by the older women in her family that sex was a duty and you had to just lay their until it was over. But the women under Alistair looked as though she was enjoying the play between them. This was so hot to read and I knew the book was going to only get better.

After seven years of a great marriage, Jessica's husband passes and leaves her a piece of land in the West Indies. Determined to never have to rely on a man Jess sets out to travel across the sea to see and sell her land herself. What she never expected is to travel on Alistair's boat.

Both jess and Alistair try to deny what they really feel for each other and once they finally give in they plan it to only be while on their journey, giving Jessica a way to test her inner passions and try something scandalous and give in to what her body wants.. For once they go home Jessica must fit back into society while Alistair Caulfield does not fit into that world. What Jessica dosent know is that once Alistair got his hands on Jessica he was never letting go.The passion and the connection between them sizzles off the pages. They are so captivating and mesmerizing to read. I could not put the book down and often found myself reading so fast to see what was going to happen next, I would have to go back and reread a page or two.

I also loved how not only did we get the story of Alistair and Jessica, but you get the sub story of Jessica's Sister and her husband's complicated marriage. They have such and emotional journey too and it is not so simple to fix.

All around I found this book to be amazing and you can bet that Ms. Day is on my auto buy list from now on! A story so hot you need oven mitts to hold the book!

5 out of 5 stars!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Review: Heart of a Solider by Tamara Hoffa

Heart of a Solider
By Tamara Hoffa
Boroughs Publishing Group
Sept 22 2012
34 Pages

Charlotte, Charlie, MacKenzie has been raising her son Evan alone for the last five years. When Evan decides he wants to join the Army, into her life walks Jamison Hunter. Career Military, helicopter pilot, currently working as a recruiter. Why does the first man to stir her interest in years have to be the enemy?

Jamison Hunter is stuck in Tennessee, recouping from a torn rotator cuff. The Army has been his life, but seeing his family and friends, makes him long for something more. Is he ready to give up combat and settle down?

Sparks fly when Charlie and Jamie clash over her son, the Army and what it means to lose the one you love. Come see if Charlie can win the Heart of a Soldier.

Heart of a Soldier came to Boroughs as an entry in their @First Sight short story contest and they recognized the work as a perfect fit for their new short story line Lunchbox Romance - delicious short Romances consumable during the lunch hour.

I found it was perfect to read on a lunch break as it is being marketed as such. At just 34 pages I found it to be a great short story. However this was one of those short stories that I wish was longer. I enjoyed the characters and wanted to go deeper into their budding romance.

Charlie has only even been with her husband and when she meets Jamie she is unsure of herself and what she feels. It's been five years since she lost her husband and did not ever think she could date someone else much less really go for it. All the while she is unsure of letting her heart go, what if Jamie gets deployed away, can she handle loss again?Charlie learns to be a strong woman with Jamie by her side, even letting her son Evan make the choice of the Army or collage. I also like the friendship she has with Bethany. Bethany is often Charlies voice of reason and I found sometimes Bethany could be funny. Every woman has the one true friend who tells you like it is!

This is Tamara Hoffa's first published story and I do believe she has great potential! I wish her luck and look forward to her next story.

3 out of 5 stars

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Good Choice Reading Promotions Launch!


The ladies of Good Choice Reading have been pouring through books, writing reviews, scheduling author posts and generally adoring books for the past 3 years now. And we've learned a few things along the way:

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5. Books have the amazing power to help boost sales of the most random items - like...handcuffs (thank you, Fifty Shades of Grey

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Note: We are still updating the site so somethings might be incomplete.

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Authors After Dark List of Authors.

Ah! OMG! OMG! I am super excited!!! All authors for Authors After Dark 2013 in Savannah, GA have officially been announced! Including YA Day authors! Check it out...

Master of Ceremonies:

Featured Authors:
Cara North
Shannon West

And for YA Day...

*Jumping up and down* I am so excited and cannot wait!

Registration for Authors After Dark is already open

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Review: Slave by Sherri Hayes

Slave (Finding Anna #1) 
By Sherri Hayes
Paperback, 276 pages
Published July 28th 2011
by The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House

Stephan has lived the lifestyle of a Dominant for five years. After several rebellious teenage years, it gave him the stability and control he had been seeking after his parent’s death. As president of a not-for-profit foundation, he knows what his future holds and what he wants out of life. All that changes when a simple lunch with his college friend and Mentor, Darren, leads him to buying a slave. Thrust into a situation he never thought he’d be in, Stephan can’t walk away. He is compelled to help this girl in the only way he knows how. Brianna knows only one thing, she is a slave. She has nothing. She is nothing. Can Stephan help Brianna realize that she is much more than just a Slave?

Every once and awhile you come across a book that touches you in a way you will never forget that book. This for me is such a book. I found once I started, I could not put it down. I was so drawn into the story of what Brianna went through and how she tries to cope yet still is in the mindset of being a slave and worth nothing. This is not your everyday love story but rather more a story of the journey Brianna takes to heal and how Stephan is there by her side to guide her and help her to become a normal your woman again.

Brianna was sold into sexual slavery at 17 years old. Given to a man so horrible he sees her as nothing but property, the abuse she suffer in the ten months she is with him, has scared her so much physically and emotionally. It is sad to think that there really are girls like this out there that suffer as Brianna did. I truly ached for her and all she feels. She simply has no way to function with old being told what to do or when, she has completely lost herself and any sanity in her mind.

Stephan is like an angel to Brianna and is her saving grace. While so attracted to Brianna he knows he can't have her the way he wants. She is so scared and timid, he uses her knowledge as a Dom to help her heal. It is evident early on that he cares deeply for Brianna, yet knows it can never work between them, as he says:
          "Why did the first time I fell in love have to be with a woman who 
            may never be capable of loving me back."
He knows they have a long road ahead, but can Brianna every be normal again. Stephan knows the day will come he may have to let Brianna go but until then he will do whatever it takes to keep her with him and keep her safe. Even when it causes problems in his own family.

I loved the way the story was written from both points of view. I liked seeing inside both their minds. I was so drawn into this story and this series that I bought book two Need immediately upon finishing Slave. I had to know what happened next. Now it is killing me to have to wait for book three since Need ended with a major cliffhanger.

I can't recommend this book enough, an emotional journey of a young woman and her need to claim back her life with a man willing to do anything to help her get there.

5 out of 5 stars

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review: On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

On Dublin Street
By Samantha Young
Kindle Edition, 302 pages
Published August 31st 2012

GoodReadsAmazon † Smashwords
Four years ago, Jocelyn Butler left her tragic past behind in the States and started over in Edinburgh. Burying the grief, ignoring her demons, and forging ahead without any real attachments has worked well for her so far but when Joss moves into a fantastic apartment on Dublin Street, her carefully guarded world is shaken to its core by her new roommate's sexy older brother.

Braden Carmichael is a man who always gets what he wants. And what he wants is Jocelyn in his bed. Knowing how skittish Joss is concerning any kind of relationship, Braden proposes a sexual arrangement that should satisfy the intense attraction between them without it developing into anything 'more'. An intrigued Jocelyn agrees, completely unprepared for the Scotsman and his single-minded determination to strip the stubborn young woman bare... to the very soul.

Contains strong adult content. For readers ages 18+

There isn't really much I can say in this review that I haven't said before when it comes to one of Samantha Young's books. She is one of my ALL TIME favorite authors! I love, love her writing!

On Dublin Street is her first adult contemporary novel and it did not disappoint. Although, I didn't really think it would to begin with. In fact, it actually turned out to be better than what I expected. And let me tell you, I had high expectations. I just absolutely love the way Samantha Young can tell a story!

When I started reading On Dublin Street I never expected to laugh as hard as I did. Braden and Joss complimented each other in every way. From the very first time they meet, I was rooting for them. You could feel the chemistry between these two with every word. Their relationship felt real.

Joss was a broken character, but not weak one bit. I found her to be too stubborn at times, but it fit the story well. I don't really know what to say about Braden except that I love a man who isn't afraid to take charge and fight for what he wants. He was smart, funny, daring, and hot all in one.

I was happy with the beginning, middle and ending of this book. I have no complaints at all and think that those who love to get lost inside of a good romance novel should definitely pick up On Dublin Street. It will give you butterflies, make you blush, and laugh until you have tears in your eyes. You will find yourself stuck to your reading spot for hours! You will not be able to stop reading it until you are done. Picking up one of Samantha Young's books is like candy. You can't have one piece and stop there. She is a great writer, a great story teller and her stories are always entertaining.

I cannot wait to see what Samantha writes next!

5 out of 5 stars!

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Labor Day Giveaway Hop!

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Review Of Must Love Vampires By Heidi Betts

Must Love Vampires By Heidi Betts

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Kensington; Original edition (September 27, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 075824763X
ISBN-13: 978-0758247636
Source: Amazon.Com (link to purchase HERE)
Purchase: Barnes And Noble (link to purchase HERE)
Age: Adult 18+*

*Age restriction was added by me and not Amazon.Com. 


Nightclub dancer Chloe Lamoureaux just met the man of her dreams: Aidan Raines is charming, considerate, rich, and hot. Of course, he's a little mysterious about his age. And his favourite drink. And he's not much for sunlight. But he's asked her to marry him, and she's ready to do it. 

Her identical twin sister, Chuck, isn't so sure. Maybe being a tabloid reporter has skewed her judgment, but to Chuck, Aidan and his brother Sebastian look like honest-to-Dracula vampires. Especially Sebastian: beguiling, seductive, and just a hint of dangerous. Maybe she wouldn't mind him taking a little taste. But with Chloe's life in the balance, she has to know - do they want hot love or hot blood? Or maybe...a little of both?

Must Love Vampires was the perfect name for this book because you could not help but fall in love with Sebastian and Aidan Raines. These two HOT brothers make Vampires a must have. Heidi wrote a VERY HOT!!!! book that I had trouble putting down.

Chloe and Charlotte a.k.a. Chuck  Monroe are identical twin sisters. Though they share looks and a career surname of Lamorreaux their career paths have taken a completely different turn. Chloe is a Las Vegas Showgirl for the casino Inferno and Chuck is a reporter for the Sin City Tattler.

Sebastian and Aidan Raines are the hottest Vampire brothers to ever settle down in Sin City. Sebastian is the no non-sense brother who owns and operates the casino Inferno while Aidan is carefree and still trying to find his niche in life.

This book is broken up into two stories that start off relatively the same (as in starting point not the same and then come together near the end. First half follows Chuck on her quest to find out if Sebastian is an honest to goodness Vampire. While the second half follows Chloe and Aidan on their way to eloping. What follows is a great fast past very HOT story. I can't say anything more without spoiling the story for everyone.

I love how Heidi crafted both sides of the book. I love how the perfect couple actually had some secrets while the other pair where liberated from their normal selves. She takes all the dark elements we all love about Vampires and makes it all so alluring. On a scale from 1-10 I give Must Love Vampires a 10. I thought it was super hot and sexy with everything I could want in a fast pace Vampire romance. If you are looking for hot Vampires/hot twins, unexpected love, secrets, and just a good read then you need to pick up this book. I encourage everyone adult 18+ to pick up a copy of Must Love Vampires and find out if the house truly always wins.

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