Sunday, May 1, 2011

Review: Blue Angel By Logan Belle

Blue Angel
One woman is about to get the surprise of her life. . .
Mallory Dale doesn't like surprises. So when her boyfriend, Alec, takes her to a burlesque club for her twenty-fifth birthday, all she wants is to go home and crawl under the covers. But then beautiful burlesque star Bette Noir pulls Mallory on stage, and before she knows it, she's stripped down to her bra in front of a roaring crowd—and loving every second of it! Now she's in for an even bigger bombshell: the glamorous Bette wants to be Mallory's private tutor in the tantalizing art of the striptease. Exploring the world of burlesque awakens Mallory's true sexual nature, but if she devotes herself to her new found sensual pleasures, will she risk losing Alec—or can she really have it all?

My Thoughts

     Now everyone knows I am a huge fan of erotica books. But wow this book took it above and beyond. This is the first book I've ever read about Burlesque Clubs. I have to say I'm an adult and never been inside one and this book have definitely made curious in wanting to pay a visit to one. Only visit, I don't ever see myself performing in one like the main character did in this book.

     So in Blue Angel, you have your main character whose name is Mallory and her boyfriend, and he takes her to a burlesque club for her birthday. Now in my opinion, I would think this is more for him than her. But this one visit has change Mallory's whole life without her knowing. Blue Angel's star Bette Noir pulls Mallory from the audience and kind of has her way with her. Basically she had Mallory stripped down to her undies on stage in front of the whole club. But rather than Mallory feeling shy or a bit embarrassed, she loved it. And this opened her appetite up to trying it again. Lucky for her Bette offered to become her private tutor, her mentor. All who else to learn from, than from the best performer of Blue Angel. But what will become of her life if she chooses this path as a career? Will she move on with everything she has, or will she love herself into it?

     I really enjoyed this book. It showed basically behind the scene of being a performer in a burlesque club. The thing about this book as I read it, I envisioned everything so vividly in my mind. It was like a movie going on in my head. If you're looking for an intense erotica romance. Then this is definitely the book for you. I recommend this book to those who aren't shy about reading extremely sexual acts.

     This book makes me want to see that movie with Cher and Christina called "Burlesque". Maybe get my sexy back. I'm kidding I never lost it. LOL. I give this book a 5 stars, for the real life drama and for the intense sex scenes. If you're into erotica books. Then this book is definitely a "Sinfully Tasty Read" you have get your hands on.