Thursday, October 18, 2012

Review:Blindfolded Innocence By Alessandra Torre

Blindfolded Innocence
By Alessandra Torre
Kindle Edition, 307 pages
Published July 19th 2012

Brad De Luca is incorrigible. The premier divorce attorney in town, he is a forty-year old walking hunk of sex, bedding half the town, including his own clients. Brad is used to getting whatever, and whomever, he wants, and when the newest intern arrives - Julia Campbell, a pre-law student fresh off a failed engagement - he embraces the challenge. Only, happy in her new independence, the last thing Julia wants, or needs, is an older man who could destroy her job prospects, and possibly her innocence.

Julia is confident in her sexuality, and her effect on men. But she is far out of her league. Before she knows it, Brad is stretching her boundaries and opening up a forbidden world of sensual and sexual exploration.

Warning: This book contains explicit sex scenes, including a MFM menage.

OMG what a book. The cover threw me off and I was unsure if this was a book I was going to like. Don't let the cover fool you this book was AMAZING!!!! I loved every second of it. I found once I started reading I could not put it down and I understand why it is a top pick for erotica on Amazon. Not to mention it was so not what I expected, it was so much better!

Julia is a young woman trying to make her place in the world and just started a great internship at a huge law firm. Working insane hours she is proud of what she is doing and of her independence, but can help wonder what life is like in the wing next to her. Brad De Luca's interns go home early have parties all the time and seem to be having a ton of fun. yet her boss warns Julia to stay away from them and mostly Brad.

A chance meeting with Mr De Luca sends Julia into a tailspin and she is knows she will never be the same! Brad is a walking sex god and can have any woman he wants anytime anywhere and anyway he wants it. Julia is so different from the women he has met before and begins to pursue her at any cost.

The connection between Brad and Julia sucks you in immediately! An intoxicating wild ride you can't let go of! Brad pushes Julia to explore and learn about herself, and she does while trying to hold on to him and reveal his dark secrets. Brad is more than just a lawyer and Julia sees this when they go away together one weekend. Yet in the back of her mind he keeps asking herself why does her boss hate Brad so much even though they are partners in the firm? Why is he afraid of commitment?  Once Julia learns who Brad really is can she accept him? Can she fit into his world?

This book is just as addicting as Brad is, I want so much more and even after I finished the book I could not pick up another for a few days, I was just still thinking of Brad and Julia and where is it all going to go from here? I can't wait for the next book to dive into Julia and Brad's world. The next one can not come out fast enough for me!!!

5 out of 5 stars!


  1. All I can say is I have to read this book. Your review put me over the top. Honestly, I don't consider erotica something I would normally read, but after your review, Blindfolded Innocence is on my TB list!

    Christy McKee

  2. So glad to hear, I loved it! I really can't wait till Dec. for the next one!