Saturday, January 8, 2011

Artist and Book Lover!

Today I wanted to share with everyone a really AMAZING artist!

I am a member of Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed Forum and I've made some really great friends on there and chat with some awesome ladies every now and then. In one of those times I came across Tricia Schmitt. She is a Romance book lover as much as the ladies on the forum and I are, and I admire her work a lot. I've been keeping up with her stuff on Facebook and recently (because we all know how behind I've been on things) discovered she actually has a couple of published book covers. Some of my favorite authors such as, Larissa Ione and Donna Grant have cover art done by her.

Here are some really yummy and sexy book covers that she has done:

She does a lot of other great things, such as wallpapers, banners, icons, etc.

Here are some of her personal wallpapers that I LOVE! 

I love the third and fourth one THE BEST! LOL 


For more information on Tricia Schmitt, check out the links below

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  1. These are fantastic! Beautiful work. She is very talented.