Monday, July 7, 2014

Review: Taken By Koko Brown & Giveaway!

by Koko Brown

ebook, 1st, 285 pages
Expected publication: July 7th 2014 by Koko Brown

The playboy… Khalid Francois Duïs is a man who isn’t afraid to take what he wants. And what he wants is Olivia Pierce. As his best friend’s sister, she was supposed to be off limits but Olivia quickly becomes a fever in his blood he simply can’t shake. He will do whatever it takes to have her with him and underneath him, even it means kidnapping.

The independent woman…

Olivia Pierce vows to never marry, instead choosing to focus on her career. But a clandestine encounter with Khalid’s threatens her resolve. Though her mind says no, her body screams yes! Her only option is to reject the the arrogant industrialist who believes a woman’s place is in his bed.

When Olivia rejects Khalid’s advances, he takes matters in his own hands and whisks her away to placate his obsession. From the tempestuous passion of their first encounter, across stormy seas, to a beautiful oasis in Africa, Olivia becomes his prisoner and a slave to Khalid’s all-consuming seduction.

I have mixed feelings about this book. Now no where does it say its a historical or anything, but the beginning of the story I felt like I was back in the early 1900's.  Just the way Olivia is expected to get married and settle down after school. The way her brother seems to be her keeper. It just didn't feel very modern to me. But overall it was a good story and something different than what I have read before.

Olivia is an independent woman who is just graduating college and looking to focus in a career instead of marriage like most of her classmates. She moves back home with her brother and begins to work along side him. She is very happy with her choices and likes the life she has built. Then Khalid comes to visit her brother, and boy do the sparks fly. As soon as they met for the first time you can feel the sexual tension. Olivia doesn't want what Khalid offers even if it makes her an honest woman. I mean I would not buy it either who proposes marriage on the first night?

Not getting his way, Khalid kidnaps Olivia and takes her to a remote location in Africa, again with the historical points of things they travel by boat over a period of time. If the story was modern they would have flown or traveled by private means.  Once in Africa Khalid tries to seduce Olivia with everything he has, but nothing works. Over time they begin a friendship that leads to them giving into their own sexual needs. But can it ever be more?

I liked the setting. being in a dessert in Africa no buildings, just a nomadic way of life, it was very different. I like Khalid a lot, there was just something so sexy about him. Maybe its the bad boy in him?  I liked the way he really went out of his way to make Olivia happy and really did fall in love with her. I like the sub characters and what they brought to the story.  The end to me was very predictable, but still a good ending.

Like I said I was mixed on how I feel, while parts were really good some was just a turn off to me.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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