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BBB BLAST: The Cupid Chronicles by Sauna Allen

Jed Gentry is doing just fine, thank you very much, running his tattoo studio in Austin, Texas.  So what if people think he’s a bit on the surly side?  He’s been burned by his ex who sticks around to torture him and he lives with a family heartache that he’d rather not talk about.  But he’s got a thriving business, his dream car, and good friends.  Not much to complicate things.  At least, not until she walked in…
Kyle O’Neill has had it with being the sheltered daddy’s girl at the family accounting firm and is ready to spread her wings and fly on her own for the first time.  Unfortunately, it seems she’s about to fall flat on her face when her first and only client is – gulp -- a tattoo artist!  Her country club upbringing certainly hasn’t prepared her for this place or the sizzling attraction her traitorous body feels for the grumpy owner.
But there is a Divine conspiracy at work here pushing these two together.  And they are hell bent on bucking the Heavenly plan all the way.  Luckily, their angel is a true believer and pulls every trick he knows from under his halo to make this a match made in Heaven.

Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

 He’s gotta earn his wings…again.
Love Detail’s favorite angel has his sights set on his next target: the stoic and mysterious Noble Blackfeather.  And it just may prove to be his toughest case yet.  Noble’s reclusive ways keep his angel at wing’s distance, and love even further.  But he’s not playing a part – he’s truly masking a painful secret and a profoundly wounded heart.
A cupid’s worst nightmare.
Noble’s been paired with Braelyn Campbell, the cute single mother next door.  She’s adorable, friendly, fun…everything Noble needs.  This should be a Love Squad slam dunk.  Except she’s making a fresh start in Texas to protect her son from a volatile ex, and she’s not about to risk her heart or her son on another man.  Even if he’s sexy as sin and always coming to her rescue.
Thank God for possibilities.
But, reluctantly, they are drawn together – thanks to their cupid’s dogged efforts and a whole lotta chemistry.  Can the girl next door learn to trust again and help heal Noble’s wounded heart? Together, can they save the lost, hurting boy she's raising?  Can the angels help it happen before it's too late?
Thank God for love.

Judged harshest by his own heart after the greatest of sins, Elijah Smith imposes the most brutal of punishments upon himself. He is now a fallen angel, cast down by his own hand—lost, suffering, caught between two worlds, and searching for redemption.
Scarred emotionally and physically, Naomi Evans has always put her happiness aside to repay her debt to the one who saved her. Never quite fitting into her friendly little town after being abandoned as a child, she’s not sure love will ever find her aching heart.
New Destiny, Arizona will never be the same. Two strangers have rolled into town, shaking Heaven and Earth. One, a handsome loner is temporarily stranded and biding his time, quietly bestowing random acts of kindness on total strangers until he can be on his way. The second, an undercover Cupid named Michael, is determined to bring healing and true love.
His assignment? A fallen brother and his equally wounded soulmate.
Will Naomi be able to see past both their scars? Can Elijah ever forgive himself?
Is such redemption possible?

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 A Message from the Author
It’s been a long, glorious ride writing my Cupid Chronicles series, chalk full of hot, tattooed guys, spunky women, and matchmaking Cupids.  It was an unexpected gift that I never intended, and it all started with one, tiny, unexpected line of dialogue that came from my first hero, Jed, in Inked by an Angel.  And, as I’ve delved into the world of these characters and my angels, I’ve learned some pretty interesting lessons.  I thought I’d share!  Enjoy!

Top Ten Things to Learn from The Cupid Chronicles
10. Never argue with a man about his art, his music, or his bike. Even if you’re right, it’s a futile battle.
9. Take an adventure once in a while. You never know where it’ll lead you—maybe even to a tattoo parlor full of hot guys!
8. Never judge a book—or an angel—by his cover. Even a 300 pound biker Cupid needs love.
7. Forgiveness is a nearly impossible art, but one that frees your heart and soul.
6. God’s punishments can be swift, severe and painful. But our own self-inflicted judgments can be much more brutal.
5. Don’t put your dreams on hold for anyone. Even someone who looks like he could rock an Abercrombie ad.
4. A woman may offer sex without strings, but be careful of the noose around your heart.
3. If a sexy loner rolls into town looking like Henry Cavill and dressed like a Calvin Klein model, but acting like he’s never kissed a girl, don’t judge him too harshly. Maybe he’s got a Heavenly secret.
2. Always stand up for your man, yourself, and what’s right. Even when it breaks your heart.
1. Motorcycles don’t make the man. But they do make him sexier.

 Shauna grew up an only child with two open and loving parents in Central Texas. She’s married to her high school sweetheart and is the mother to three fantastic (no, that’s not a typo!) teenagers, including one she's about to send off to the Air Force.

When she’s not writing, editing, or acting as personal assistant to two NYT Bestselling authors, Shauna enjoys reading, movies with Gerard Butler, vacays to the beach, and hangin’ with the kiddos–even if they don’t like hangin’ with her!

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