Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review Of Catch Me, Keep Me By Ava Shawcross

Catch Me, Keep Me By Ava Shawcross

ISBN: 978-1-60592-264-5
Available In: E-Book
Story Type: Short Story*
Genre: Erotica
Special Content: BDSM
Source And Purchase: Noble Romance.Com (link to purchase HERE)
Age: Adult 18+*

*I added the age restriction and story type. The age restriction and story type was not provided by Noble Romance.Com.


Nadia and Finn have been separated for two years, and it's time to finally call it quits.

But before the divorce can be finalized, Finn steals an old journal that reveals Nadia’s
dark, secret fantasy of being disciplined by her husband. 

Finn hatches a plan to bring her back to him . . . but he hasn’t exactly been honest with Nadia either. He is not the mild mannered business consultant Nadia thinks: he is an operative hunting a war criminal, who is now bent on revenge.

To keep Nadia safe, he takes her to a secret hideaway where secrets are revealed and 
husband and wife fall under a sensual spell of erotic temptations, a domestic carnal game that may just turn into a lifetime of passion.

I am an avid fan of romance with an added element of danger. I also enjoy a story were a couple who you know love each other and just aren't together get a second chance at love. Ava spins a very HOT EROTIC tale with Catch Me, Keep Me. At first glance Nadia and Finn seem like a typical feuding couple in the middle of a divorce. Soon we realize that this couple really does love each other but by some strange twist of fate have drifted apart and, therefore, stopped working on their marriage. Yes, I understand that there is supposed to be a sub plot about Finn being in the CIA and being stalked by an assassin of sorts but the crux of the story, in my opinion, is the marriage of Finn and Nadia. Even though they seem bitter and unfeeling towards each other, the reality is, that they are actually deeply in love with no way to let their inner wants and desires shine through. Catch Me, Keep me was an enjoyable short story. On a scale from 1-10 I give it an 8 but only because some of the words Ava used to describe things during the sex scenes, for me personalty were a little crude/blunt. I just felt those words could have been replace with different ones and it would have still gotten the same feelings across. But again, as I said, that is just my personal feelings. They, in no way, took away from what Ava was trying to tell me in this story and that is true love really does conquer all. You need to believe in the love you have and trust it can survive your wants and needs. If you are looking for a short story with some HOT and Steamy action Catch Me, Keep Me is a story you should  pick up.


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